Paul Lyndon is the National Safety Manager at Diona, a civil engineering contractor that designs and builds infrastructure projects. He is also a proud recipient of the 2017 SafeWork NSW Leadership in Safety Award for his all-round excellence in work health and safety, workers compensation and recovery at work. ‘The company and I are very […]

Falls from heights are the leading killer on NSW construction sites, so we are conducting a blitz over the next 12 months to crack down on employers who fail to protect workers. We will be visiting construction sites across NSW to ensure compliance and raise awareness about the risks when working at heights. This blitz […]

Our six-year Work Health and Safety Roadmap demonstrates our commitment to ‘right touch’ regulatory approaches through collaboration, innovation and expertise. With a greater focus on innovation and data analytics, we will be empowered to lead the nation as a smarter and more targeted work health and safety regulator. Our newly established, world-class research centre, the […]

Working in direct sunlight or extreme heat exposes you to the risks of heat-related illness, as well as skin cancer, from ultra-violet (UV) radiation. Both can be fatal. UV radiation causes 95 per cent of skin cancers in Australia. All skin types can be damaged by exposure to UV radiation. The damage is permanent and […]

A serious incident may still happen despite your best efforts to operate a safe workplace, and if it does then there are specific steps that you must take. Not only is telling us about work-related ‘notifiable incidents’ a legal requirement, but it can help us pinpoint causes and take action to prevent similar incidents. A […]

We have shown our commitment to helping businesses develop a better understanding of workplace consultation by hosting the inaugural Consultation @ Work conference. Held at the Sydney Cricket Ground on October 25, the conference was part of national Safe Work Month. Research has shown that NSW businesses are unsure of their consultation obligations, and are […]

According to a survey of more than 2000 NSW businesses, less than one in 10 employers had an integrated approach to mental health. Using a benchmarking tool, it was found that about one in five employers had a basic awareness of mental health issues but thought it was ultimately an individual’s responsibility. The scientific, professional […]