We can’t tell you that thousands of people are injured every year doing tree work, nor do we want to. What we can say is that injuries from tree work are catastrophic. They are disabling, maiming and utterly life-changing. SafeWork investigated 10 incidents in 2015, which might not sound a lot, but consider that three […]

Workers exposed to solvents may experience memory and thinking problems decades later, according to new research. Author Erika L. Sabbath said the findings were significant as workplace exposure to solvents was extremely common and posed a real risk both in the present and the future. “And as retirement ages go up, the length of time that […]

Each year, SafeWork NSW’s Customer Experience team receives thousands of enquiries from workers and employers across NSW. We’ve compiled a few of the more commonly-asked questions, along with some simple answers. Click the links if you’d like more detailed information, or as always talk safety with us by calling 13 10 50. Q: How do […]

A new year means new workers, tight deadlines and plenty of forklift activity.  We want to remind businesses and workers to keep safe, don’t take shortcuts and to always stick to the usual safety procedures. In the five years to June 2015, 13 workers died as a result of a forklift incident and 39 were left […]

Did you know that asbestos is a naturally occurring substance? It might surprise you to learn that it can actually be found in rock, sediment and soil throughout regional NSW. While the chances of coming into contact naturally occurring asbestos (NOA) are slim, workers and residents in affected areas should still know what to look […]

The Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service employs roughly 100 staff, who spend hours above the skies to save more than 1000 lives per year from its bases in Newcastle and Tamworth. While their brave jobs are frequently in the spotlight, it’s the tireless role of the 950 volunteers that work behind the scenes that is perhaps […]

When it comes to handling chemicals in the workplace you can never know too much Adam Thomson was 18 years old and had just started his first job, in the horticulture industry. His task one day was to dip tubers into a tub of chemical solution before drying them on racks above heaters. Unbeknownst to […]