It’s easy to stay safe around forklifts. Watch this video to find out some simple things you can do to prevent collisions. Continue reading

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On a regular basis, WorkCover scans international media and relevant journals to keep you up to date with new research and developments in workplace safety. Here’s what we found during our most recent surveillance. Continue reading

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In December 2014 the NSW Government announced its response to the discovery of loose-fill asbestos in NSW homes. To demonstrate government’s commitment to helping affected NSW residents, an assistance package was announced that includes free property testing for owners residing in 26 identified local government areas. Free ceiling insulation tests are being provided for homeowners […]

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Ensuring all new workers are familiar with health and safety arrangements on your construction site is critical, but young workers in particular require special treatment. Workers aged 15 to 25 have a 75 per cent greater chance of being hurt, and in NSW 15 people in this age group are injured every day, with building […]

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A slip or trip in a hazardous workplace doesn’t bear thinking about. Poor housekeeping is a major cause of incidents in all types of workplaces and if a worker is lucky, they might escape unscathed with nothing more than injured pride. But as can often be the case, a worker can sustain serious or even […]

When he’s not belting out rockabilly tunes with The Philistines, Luke Sullivan is likely to be coordinating the myriad of safety aspects of a concert for up to 100,000 people. After 20 years in the construction industry as a dogman, rigger, concreter and the like, Luke decided to  give his brain cells a workout by […]

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Trying to find a new job while recovering from a workplace injury can be tough. Former cleaner Debbie, for example, was doing her best to maintain a can-do attitude despite experiencing no success with numerous job applications and speculative calls to businesses. The 44-year-old was still undergoing physiotherapy for workplace injuries sustained more than six […]