Assistance for loose-fill asbestos houses

In December 2014 the NSW Government announced its response to the discovery of loose-fill asbestos in NSW homes. To demonstrate government’s commitment to helping affected NSW residents, an assistance package was announced that includes free property testing for owners residing in 26 identified local government areas.

Free ceiling insulation tests are being provided for homeowners in the identified local government areas (LGA) to identify all loose-fill asbestos in residential premises. These areas have been identified through the analysis of archival government records.

Owners of homes built before 1980 in these local government areas can contact Service NSW where you can register online to have your property tested and assessed for the material. Free testing is available until August 2015.

For homes tested positive, free independent technical assessments advising on and confirm risk controls are being offered, as is a make safe assistance package.

Concerned residential property owners are encouraged to call 13 77 88 or visit to register for the free testing program and to find out more about the assistance available.

In addition to the assistance package, government also announced the formation of a dedicated loose-fill asbestos taskforce. The taskforce is led by former Deputy Commissioner of the NSW Police Force, Dave Owens, and includes representatives from a number of NSW Government agencies including NSW Ministry of Health, Office of Local Government, Environmental Protection Authority and WorkCover NSW.

The taskforce will be responsible for developing a comprehensive action plan for a government purchase/demolition scheme for homes with loose-fill asbestos insulation, including identifying risk mitigation strategies, costings and implementation and operational aspects, in consultation with affected residents.

To find out more, call Service NSW on 13 77 88 or visit

One thought on “Assistance for loose-fill asbestos houses

  1. I hope the government support like this was in other countries too. We have to raise awareness dangers of asbestos to other people, because many people still don’t understand about this dangerous asbestos.


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