Safety news from around the world

On a regular basis, WorkCover scans international media and relevant journals to keep you up to date with new research and developments in workplace safety. Here’s what we found during our most recent surveillance.

  • Research consistently shows that people with a healthy diet generally have better mental health, and depression and dementia are particularly influenced by the quality of one’s diet over the course of their lifetime.
  • A report published by the World Green Business Council, comprising 25,000 organisations across 98 countries, finds that a range of factors – from air quality and lighting to views of nature and interior lighting – can affect the health, satisfaction and job performance of office workers.
  • Men@Work, beyondblue’s new mental health program, enables men who work in industries such as farming, construction and emergency services to develop personalised mental health plans on a mobile app.
  • As part of its Digital Plus initiative, the NSW Government launched a new mobile app that will allow users to renew their vehicle registration, check registration status, set reminders and locate key government facilities.
  • A study by the Canadian Institute for Work and Health found that a work health and safety ‘champion’, with passion for their job, persistence, charm, communication skills and the support of senior managers and workers, can help organisations improve their claim rates through improved health and safety.
  • A study of some 700 Australian workers found that age, weight, diet and mental health were significant issues in those who experienced excessive daytime sleepiness.
  • A report published by Deloitte Australia states that Australian business is burdened not only by government rules and regulations but also by its own bureaucracy, with $155 billion a year spent on self-imposed rules, regulations, processes and procedures.

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