A near miss can come completely out of left field despite your best efforts and even if workers are being as careful as they can. It could be someone slipping in the loading area or a workmate being hit by a chain while securing a load. Or it might be potentially more catastrophic, say an […]

A YouTube video from thehealthytrucker.net suggests that by following some simple seat adjustment advice, drivers can lessen the chances of back pain and feel healthier and less stressed. Continue reading

AAA Trading & Transport employs eight drivers and delivers many types of freight in a range of vehicles, from one-tonne to 20-tonne trucks, from taut liners to rigid-side vehicles. In this case, the truck driver was collecting a load at Global Freight, a depot used by numerous freight companies. The freight was loaded onto the […]

Around 40 per cent of injuries in the NSW road freight transport industry are caused by unsafe manual handling or being hit by falling objects. Continually securing loads carries risks for manual handling injuries. Each load is different and by sticking with some simple steps, you may save yourself or someone else from being injured. […]

Lifting your game on reducing the risk of manual handling injuries can seem like a heavy burden. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be. Injuries stemming from incorrect manual handling can be an albatross around your neck. An injured worker not only places more pressure on workmates and can lower morale, but […]

Your boss might well thank you if you tell them where to go to find safety problems in the workplace. While raising safety concerns can be a daunting prospect, not doing so might mean a potentially dangerous issue remains unresolved. It could be something like worn steps on your cabin, dangerous movement of forklifts or […]

Depression has existed in the road freight transport industry for decades, according to University of Technology Sydney (UTS) PhD student Taryn Chalmers. Taryn’s large scale study of truck drivers’ mood disorders suggests that not only is depression a major issue but mental health issues in the industry are being neglected. Her original honours research forms […]