Golden rules for a safe passage

Something as simple as getting in and out of your truck cabin each day can seem as harmless as it can be repetitive. The frightening news is that, if not done properly, it can have serious consequences. If you’re, say, 100kg and you jump to the ground from the bottom step of your cabin, it equates to a force of about 120kg. Jump from the middle step and it equates to about 500kg. Do this consistently and it slowly but surely causes wear and tear on your body.
With the day-to-day pressures of meeting deadlines for deliveries, it can be easy for drivers to forget the golden rule of maintaining three points of contact as they get in and out of the truck. This means having two hands and one foot – or two feet and one hand – on the steps and handrails at all times.

To get in and out of the truck cabin safely:

• Face the truck and maintain three points of contact at all times when entering or exiting the cabin. Maintain a balanced posture when entering or exiting your truck
• keep the soles of your shoes clean and replace footwear when the tread is worn to ensure good grip
• park in well-lit areas with an even landing surface
• don’t jump out of your truck cabin or enter and exit while holding something. You could fall or land and injure yourself
• try not to rush. This could impair your balance and increase your risk of injury

Consider installing these features if the truck does not already have them:

• non-slip surfaces on the steps
• lights on the steps
• contrasting colours for the steps and handrails, so they stand out against the truck body
• handrails either side of the cabin door.

For more advice on getting in and out of cabins, read our Safety in the road freight transport industry guide or call 13 10 50.

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