Nine tips when securing your load

Around 40 per cent of injuries in the NSW road freight transport industry are caused by unsafe manual handling or being hit by falling objects. Continually securing loads carries risks for manual handling injuries. Each load is different and by sticking with some simple steps, you may save yourself or someone else from being injured.

These tips will help you avoid injuries when securing your load:

• Use load rated curtains where possible – position your load where the curtain maker recommends for safest deliveries
• before unloading, check loads haven’t shifted in transit
• use gates that swing, hang or slide rather than those that need to be removed manually
• don’t throw heavy lashings over your load – use a light rope attached and use this to position the webbing or chains
• work from the ground when adding your corner protection – lightweight extension poles will help
• tension your bindings with a pull down ratchet, a winch with a fixed handle or a non-rebound tensioner
• position your tensioner below your shoulder or use a stable standing aid to work when releasing the tension
• use mobile or fixed platforms to access the load when adjusting or securing lashings – don’t climb on the load
• maintain your load securing aids – roller tracks for curtains, webbing and chains. Sudden gear failures can cause injuries.

For more information about work health and safety in the road freight transport industry, call 13 10 50 or visit the road freight transport section of our website.

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