Glass safety info hot off the press

WorkCover NSW is rolling out a new video safety alert and set of four posters that target the most common risks found in the glass industry – injury related to glass storage, transportation and handling.

The ‘focus on glass’ is a direct result of insights from WorkCover’s Glass and Glazing industry project, undertaken in close consultation with the NSW and Australian Glass and Glazing Associations.

This program of work is the first major risk based prevention project WorkCover and the Glazing Industry Associations have embarked upon together.

A number of tragic fatalities and serious injuries occurring in the glass industry highlighted the need to illustrate what safe practice looks like, by giving workers and employers simple and practical safety guidance at a glance.

The posters display correct safety gear, mechanical aids, racking and handling techniques.

They were endorsed and co-branded by the Australian and New South Wales Glass and Glazing Associations and the Australian Windows Association (AGGA NSW GGA & AWA) and provide easy to understand safety information that can be placed prominently at any workplace.

WorkCover developed the video safety alert, Storing and handling glass, in consultation with NSW’s Glass and Glazing Associations.

The short video is aimed at highlighting the risks associated with this type of work and reducing serious injuries and fatalities by demonstrating basic safety controls that every workplace, large or small, can implement.

The idea behind the video is to bring home the implications of a serious incident and to show workers and employers how to avoid or prevent similarly dangerous situations.

The video features WorkCover Inspector, Cris Jelley, who is lead officer for the program and knows why safety in the workplace makes good business sense.

“A 37 year old worker died from head injuries when he was crushed by several sheets of glass,” he says in the video.

“If you store or handle glass, keep your people safe.”

WorkCover has developed a series of industry specific video safety alerts that can be viewed through the WorkCover website, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

For more information on storing and handling glass, and to view the safety alert, click here. For more video safety alerts be sure to follow the WorkCover YouTube channel.

To obtain a copy of the posters contact WorkCover on 13 10 50 or request a copy by email.

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