A recent study in Finland has illustrated that being bored at work can be a contributing factor to poor health and well-being. The study looked at 87 Finnish organisations and how being physically present but unmotivated at work can have be as costly to your workers as it can be to your organisation. Boredom at […]

The Government announced a $1 billion reform package that will have significant benefits for employers, workers and the way we do business. With a workers compensation system in the black for a number of years now, the Government made a commitment to return one-third of the annual surplus to employers and two-thirds to injured workers […]

If you work with horses, you probably know someone who has been badly hurt, or you might have had a run-in yourself. It’s not surprising given one worker is hospitalised every day in Australia due to a horse-related injury. For every injured worker, another nine people are hurt. New or inexperienced riders are particularly vulnerable […]

One in five of us take a mental health ‘sickie’ every year. Findings also suggest almost half the nation’s workforce believe their workplaces are mentally unhealthy. That’s half of the people you work with – or maybe even you – who feel their mental health is compromised by their working environment. These workers, and you, […]