If you work in aged care you’ve probably experienced some type of injury due to hazardous manual tasks or slips trips and falls. These are common injuries in this line of work, the most common in fact, and workers in residential and aged care have a higher than average chance of being injured at work […]

A warehousing company recently attempted to install their own pallet racking during a move to another location. They had seen it done before and thought they could do it themselves instead of hiring a professional. This resulted in one staff member, hoisted up by a forklift, standing on a second level beam of the racking […]

Teenage workers can be a real asset to your business. More often than not they’re energetic, enthusiastic and keen to prove themselves in the workplace. Like all vulnerable workers, however, young workers usually require some extra attention to keep them safe. They may overlook some work health and safety risks, and need to understand the […]