Work health and safety laws made simple

Research tells us that many NSW businesses, particularly those in high risk industries like construction and manufacturing, are subject to about 75 regulations, which equates to some five hours of compliance work each week. That’s a costly and time-consuming burden on any business, even more so for a small business with few resources.

Some reports suggest that saving NSW businesses just half an hour each week on compliance tasks will save the state’s economy around $800 million a year.

Even more alarming for us: the majority of regulations related to work health and safety issues, so we had good reason to be concerned that we were exacerbating the problem.

When we asked small businesses what information they most wanted from us, the response was crystal clear: simple content that is engagingly written and task-oriented.

‘I want to get straight to the point and not read hundreds of pages if someone can condense it into a framework for me’, was a typical response.

After reviewing over a thousand sections and clauses of the work health and safety laws, we identified 30 obligations that NSW businesses need to comply with – everything from providing first-aid facilities to properly labelling cleaning liquids and providing hard hats to construction workers.

We then summarised and simplified these laws into plain English, added some practical tips, and outlined the must do’s that would enable NSW businesses to do the right thing and understand how simple safety can be.

Simple safety, check it out now!

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