The importance of workplace health and safety is never more poignant than on the annual Day of Mourning on April 28 – where the lives of people lost as a result of workplace incidents or occupational disease are remembered in services held across the state. Unions NSW hosts a service in Reflection Park, Darling Harbour […]

Construction is one of our most dangerous industries with an unenviable track record of serious injuries and fatalities. Every year without fail, NSW incident statistics paint a grim picture and the consequences for the injured person, their family and employer’s business are often devastating. And what all cases have in common is that the incident […]

If you’re a typical time-poor small employer, why on earth would you want to devote valuable time encouraging your workers to get healthier? Well, aside from a big morale boost, business benefits could be up to three times more productivity, less sick leave and fewer injuries. In a nutshell, a healthy workplace is very good […]

A mentor program, educational scholarships, best-practice due-diligence and workplace safety programs are some of the great outcomes of an enforceable undertaking completed recently. Enforceable undertakings, or EUs as they are commonly known, are ‘the magical creatures of work health and safety law’, says Andrew Ball, a partner at global law firm DLA Piper. EUs began […]