Commemorating lives lost in the workplace

The importance of workplace health and safety is never more poignant than on the annual Day of Mourning on April 28 – where the lives of people lost as a result of workplace incidents or occupational disease are remembered in services held across the state.

Unions NSW hosts a service in Reflection Park, Darling Harbour in conjunction with SafeWork NSW. During this service, families speak about their experiences and attach commemorative cards and flowers to the ‘Memory Lines’ sculpture which is a permanent fixture onsite. It is a very moving ceremony, and a pertinent reminder of the impact that these deaths have – on families, friends and on work colleagues.

Every single person who goes to work should return home safely. Remember, workplace safety is the responsibility of each one of us. You can establish a healthy safety culture in your business by encouraging workers to think and talk about safety, and to look out for hazards and each other.

Start the conversation today. Learn more at safetystartswithyou.

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