Make a safety promise

If you care about improving safety in your business and want help to get started, make a safety promise – a public commitment to health and safety.

This is a powerful but simple way to show everyone that you care about the people in your workplace.

Go to the safety starts with you website and follow the links to the safety promise.

Then it’s as easy as one, two, three.

  1. Talk to your workers about what a safer workplace might look like.
  2. Make your safety promise online – it will be visible to your staff, your customers and other businesses.
  3. Turn your words into actions – we have lots of services that can help you improve safety.

Make some simple yet meaningful statements about how you will:

  • demonstrate safety leadership from the top
  • consult with your workers to ensure they have the opportunity to contribute to improved health and safety
  • put in place safe systems, procedures and policies relevant to your business
  • support your workers to develop their skills to work safely and to value safety as a part of their jobs
  • create a workplace that is physically and mentally healthy and safe.

In return, you’ll receive a poster than you can proudly display at your workplace and icons for your website and social media sites.

Making your safety promise helps you show your customers and the community that you are committed to health and safety in a meaningful way.

Start a safety conversation today.

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