An employer has been fined a record $1 million after a subcontractor suffered an electric shock and burns to 30 per cent of his body, while installing windows in a set of apartments. The worker was standing on scaffolding at the front of the apartments, installing angles on the windows, when the angle he was […]

Unsafe storage or improper handling of hazardous chemicals is like playing with fire. Depending on the quantity and type – paint, glue, cleaning agents, fuel, pesticides or solvents – the consequences could be catastrophic. Not only could your workers be exposed to harmful fumes or toxins that may cause chronic illnesses such as cancer or […]

Almost 50 per cent of Australian workers who take time off work due to depression keep the reason hidden from their employer. This was a key finding of a national study, Impact of Depression at Work: Australia Audit, released recently by SANE Australia. The research found that almost 1 in 2 (48 per cent) did […]

Imagine, if you will, having $19 million. A luxury car, harbour side mansion, or a round-the-world trip might spring to mind. Unfortunately, $19 million is the total cost of claims in NSW for injuries – lacerations, amputations, brain injuries and the like – that occurred in the tree work industry between 2013 and 2016. In […]

The State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA) has updated the ‘Guidelines for workplace return to work programs’. Following extensive stakeholder consultation, the updated guidelines came into effect on 31 May 2017 and replace the version released in 2010. Employers should update their return to work (RTW) program to ensure it complies with these guidelines at the […]