On the road to 2022

It’s been a busy year since the WHS Roadmap for NSW 2022 was launched – and we’ve made some great progress.

We are well on the way to meeting our goals of a 20 per cent decline in worker fatalities, a 30 per cent decline in serious injuries and illnesses, and a 30 per cent reduction in serious musculoskeletal injuries and illnesses, and a a 30 per cent reduction in serious injuries and illnesses including those relating to mental disorders by 2022.

This is a snapshot of what we have achieved so far.

We have created ‘Safe’, a smart phone app that facilitates teams to resolve safety issues, and developed Safety Promise, an online tool that allows businesses to show their commitment to embedding a health and safety culture in their workplace.

We launched TradieSafe to reduce injuries in the Hunter region’s residential construction industry and conducted a forum to discuss the top 10 hazardous chemicals of concern.

The Get Healthy@Work team continues to promote health checks at business breakfasts and develop effective workplace health programs.

In our effort to build exemplary regulatory services, we have provided clarity to workers and customers around raising a work health and safety concern and notifying an incident, and what to expect when an investigation takes place.

We have also finalised eight enforceable undertakings that have generated over $2 million of work health and safety benefits flowing to NSW businesses and the community, and have begun a financial support scheme to help injured workers attend court for a sentence hearing.

We have commenced a review of training for health and safety representatives and have improved communication with businesses, workers and the community with the SaFE Mobility app.

Together with the NSW Office of the Small Business Commissioner and the Department of Primary Industries, we are applying design thinking to improve the safety culture of the farming community.

As we continue to build on these programs, our frontline inspectors continue delivering important services on the ground, responding to incidents and requests from our customers.

Read more and watch our anniversary video.

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