Blitz on falls on construction sites

Falls from heights are the leading killer on NSW construction sites, so we are conducting a blitz over the next 12 months to crack down on employers who fail to protect workers.

We will be visiting construction sites across NSW to ensure compliance and raise awareness about the risks when working at heights.

This blitz is geared towards saving lives and has been prompted by a tripling of falls incidents reported to us over the last five years, with the majority occurring in the construction industry. So far this year, eight workers have been killed – and many more suffered catastrophic injuries.

Myles Lowry knows all too well the terrible consequences when workplace safety goes awry. He was severely injured when he fell four metres onto a concrete slab on a mid-north coast construction site.

An additional and alarming statistic reported by SafeWork Australia is that nearly half of all fatalities in construction last year occurred between October and the end-of-year. We aim to make sure all tradies are safe and sound this Christmas.

The blitz coincides with the introduction of tough new laws, where employers can be fined up to $3600 for failing to control the risk of falls adequately.

Fall prevention deserves your attention.

Find out how simple safety can be when working at heights.

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