2017 SafeWork NSW Leadership in Safety Award winner

Paul Lyndon is the National Safety Manager at Diona, a civil engineering contractor that designs and builds infrastructure projects.

He is also a proud recipient of the 2017 SafeWork NSW Leadership in Safety Award for his all-round excellence in work health and safety, workers compensation and recovery at work.

‘The company and I are very humbled by this award,’ said Paul.

Paul has volunteered his time as a mentor in the SafeWork NSW mentor program for the past eight years, visits regional schools to talk about farm safety and quad bikes, contributes to safety training for emergency services, teaches good safety postures for manual handling – and runs yoga classes in his spare time.

He takes great pride in having implemented an accredited health and safety system at Diona, and he constantly engages with staff to ensure they are invested in the company’s safety policies and procedures.

‘It gives me so much pleasure encouraging people to do something worthwhile that could save someone’s life,’ said Paul.

Paul’s dedication, passion and persistence in the health and safety field has seen a leap in worker morale, a fall in the number of incidents, and no experience premium applied to the business for the past two years.

Visit SafeWork NSW Awards to find out more.

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