A catalyst for change

It took a near miss and a fall to prompt D&D Traffic Management and David Kay and Daniel Seidel to develop and implement solutions to health and safety issues they had identified in their respective workplaces. They both won the 2017 SafeWork Award for best solution to an identified workplace health and safety issue, D&D for a large business, David and Daniel for a small business.

In 2012, an impatient driver almost collided with one of D&D ‘s traffic controllers. The near miss was the catalyst for PORTABOOM, a portable, remote-controlled boom gate that allowed traffic controllers to operate the device from a safe zone on the footpath, out of harm’s way. It has now been used in more than 4000 job sites throughout Australia and has resulted in a 90 per cent reduction in incidents at D&D.

‘This innovation is changing the behaviour of traffic management in Australia,’ said Rob Cazzolli, Managing Director of D&D, ‘and we’re delighted to be recognised for that.’

‘Sharing this award with our 250 employees is the most important thing for us,’ Rob said.

On the other hand, David Kay and Daniel Seidel were prompted to develop ‘The Lacket’ following an injury to a family member who fell from a ladder. ‘The Lacket’ is a simple attachment that secures an extension ladder to the building fascia and holds it completely off the gutter, reducing the risk of a fall from height. It was designed, engineered, tested and certified in Australia.

lacket - resize wrap article

‘To be acknowledged like this is to be recognised by industry leaders,’ said David, a full-time paramedic. ‘It’s awesome.’

‘We’re ecstatic,’ said Daniel, the engineer of the duo.

Register now for the 2018 SafeWork NSW Awards.

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