Take a nap. Eat a snack.

There are more than 1.4 million shift workers in Australia and the chance of them falling asleep at work is 60 per cent greater than those who work during the day.

Naps can help improve alertness. Many shift workers nap before and during their shift, and often before driving home in the morning.

Generally, when shift workers are sleepy, they turn to food for comfort. Tests have shown that those who eat a large meal during their night shift feel sleepier than those who don’t eat at all. The best advice is to eat a snack and avoid large meals.

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Understanding the workers compensation system

If you’ve made a claim for a work-related injury or illness, you will soon find yourself navigating the workers compensation system.

The State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA) has developed a new web app to help workers understand their rights and entitlements in the workers compensation system.

If you are entitled to ongoing payments, the app will tell you how your payments and entitlements are structured.

The app will show you:

  • who is there to support you
  • what you can expect in each claim period
  • what vocational programs you can access
  • what affects your weekly payments
  • how your weekly payments are calculated
  • how your degree of permanent impairment affects your entitlements
  • what to do if you have a dispute.

Use the app as a go-to source of information on your rights and entitlements in the workers compensation scheme.

Have you been injured at work? is mobile friendly and will virtually live in your pocket, providing guidance whenever you need it.

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Excellence in recovery at work

When a company experiences a 41 per cent fall in workers compensation premiums and a 45 per cent fall in their average cost of claims, people take notice.

The panel on the 2017 SafeWork Awards certainly took notice.The company now boasts the 2017 award for excellence in recovery at work for business.

Specialty Fashion Group, the largest specialty retailer of women’s fashion in Australasia – represented by brands such as Millers, Crossroads and Katies – has over 1200 stores throughout Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the United States. And it has invested heavily in developing an integrated revover@work program.

The program is built on the motto ‘a little happier, a little healthier, each day’. It includes a dedicated return to work team, surveys on how the program is working, 24/7 access to a medical advice hotline and, most importantly, financial commitment to the program from the board and CEO.

Surveys reveal that more than 90 per cent of the workforce love the program.

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Changing age-old traditions for a safer workplace

For many businesses, manual tasks are an important part of getting the job done.

Not surprisingly, those who work at cemeteries do numerous hazardous manual tasks and are often prone to serious injuries.John Pearce is one of those people. As an employee of Coffs Harbour City Council, John worked at the local cemetery and was concerned about the damage he and others were doing to their backs when lowering coffins into graves.

Despite the generations-old method of lowering coffins, John was determined to find a safer alternative. After extensive consultation with council colleagues and funeral parlours, he designed and built a trolley on an A-frame to transport a coffin-lowering device behind a ride-on mower or small tractor.

John’s invention reduces manual handling activities by about 90 per cent and minimises trip hazards around the grave. It eliminates the need to lift the 52-kg coffin-lowering device on and off the frame and eliminates the need to push the 300-kg trailer.

Following John’s innovative creation, the council now actively encourages all staff to be proactive and provide suggestions on improving health and safety outcomes.

Fittingly, John was a stand-out winner at the 2017 SafeWork Awards for best individual contribution to workplace health and safety.

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Safety starts with you

Everyone has a responsibility when it comes safety in their workplace, but sometimes they just need to be reminded.

Last year, our ‘Safety starts with you’ campaign reached more than 3.3 million people on social media, attracted more than 1.2 million to our YouTube videos, and saw more than 78,000 visits to our campaign website.

Building on this momentum, we’re excited to launch the second year of the campaign.

The campaign reinforces the six-year strategy outlined in our roadmap, entrenching the idea that health and safety in the workplace is the responsibility of all of us.

By highlighting the harms and high risks prevalent in NSW workplaces, the campaign is a stark reminder to employers and workers about the importance of having safety conversations.

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