There are more than 1.4 million shift workers in Australia and the chance of them falling asleep at work is 60 per cent greater than those who work during the day. Naps can help improve alertness. Many shift workers nap before and during their shift, and often before driving home in the morning. Generally, when […]

If you’ve made a claim for a work-related injury or illness, you will soon find yourself navigating the workers compensation system. The State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA) has developed a new web app to help workers understand their rights and entitlements in the workers compensation system. If you are entitled to ongoing payments, the app […]

When a company experiences a 41 per cent fall in workers compensation premiums and a 45 per cent fall in their average cost of claims, people take notice. The panel on the 2017 SafeWork Awards certainly took notice.The company now boasts the 2017 award for excellence in recovery at work for business. Specialty Fashion Group, […]

For many businesses, manual tasks are an important part of getting the job done. Not surprisingly, those who work at cemeteries do numerous hazardous manual tasks and are often prone to serious injuries.John Pearce is one of those people. As an employee of Coffs Harbour City Council, John worked at the local cemetery and was […]

Everyone has a responsibility when it comes safety in their workplace, but sometimes they just need to be reminded. Last year, our ‘Safety starts with you’ campaign reached more than 3.3 million people on social media, attracted more than 1.2 million to our YouTube videos, and saw more than 78,000 visits to our campaign website. […]