The Centre for Work Health and Safety opened its doors for business in December last year. Comprising experts in the fields of research, insights and analytics, science outreach and business, the Centre leverages data and evidence to create awareness, suggest smarter approaches and bring about behaviour change in work health and safety. The team doesn’t […]

Falls from heights remain the biggest killer on construction sites in NSW. And a worker doesn’t have to be perched on top of a 12-storey building to be at risk of death or serious injury as a fall from just two metres or less can also prove fatal. Over the past three years, most serious […]

Last month, we launched the second year of our ‘Safety starts with you’ campaign, which aims to ensure workers and employers stay safe on the job. Coming home safely to loved ones is generally everyone’s number one motivator to keep safe at work. But it is all too easy to become blasé about workplace safety, […]

Early this year, SafeWork inspectors attended an incident in southwest Sydney after a 15-year-old construction worker got severe lacerations to his thigh, down to the bone, while using a circular saw to cut lengths of timber. It was his first day on the job. Power tools come in various shapes, sizes, voltages and varieties. Yet, […]