Centre for Work Health and Safety

The Centre for Work Health and Safety opened its doors for business in December last year.

Comprising experts in the fields of research, insights and analytics, science outreach and business, the Centre leverages data and evidence to create awareness, suggest smarter approaches and bring about behaviour change in work health and safety.

The team doesn’t do this alone – a key approach of the Centre is co-designing its research with industry, workers, government, academia and regulators to uncover insights that:

  • ensure the research is practical and useful for the end user
    generate and disseminate new knowledge about work health and safety risks and controls
  • quickly translate research findings and knowledge into practice and innovative harm prevention interventions
  • identify, pose and tackle important questions around current and emerging work health and safety risks.

Since its launch, the Centre has been hard at work defining its research focus. In March, the Centre released its Research Blueprint, which spells out its research strategy to 2022. This strategy is aligned to the targets and priority areas identified in the Work Health and Safety Roadmap for NSW 2022.

The Centre has also started its first round of research projects. These include looking at effective engagement between workers, industry and regulators; what work health means to NSW workers; and drawing on evidence to inform best practice regulation.

For more information on the Centre for Work Health and Safety, visit centreforwhs.nsw.gov.au or join the conversation on social media @centreforWHS

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